A Revolution in Wireless Gaming Technology


The goal of Lumen is simple: connect four to win! LUMEN has a board, a spinning frame, and magical cubes that glow red, green, and blue. But, when you spin the frame or rotate the cubes, they magically change colors! The first player to connect 4 after spinning the frame wins!

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Features of LUMEN + ODI Technology

Safe/Battery Free

Cost Effective

Long Range/Low Power

Infinite Expansions

Experience the Magic of LUMEN

The Evolution of Lumen

The idea for LUMEN sparked from failure. Seven years ago, we tried creating an electronic version of the game GO. But, with 81 pieces, it needed 81 batteries to operate - plus wiring. So, we tried to figure out how to use wireless power instead of batteries. After years of blood, sweat, and tears, we created a special chip that captures wireless power from all directions. Plus - it’s smaller than a quarter. And cheaper. So, our design for Lumen got smaller and cheaper too!

First Iteration

Second Iteration

Third Iteration

Fourth Iteration

One Technology, Infinite Possibilities

Say goodbye to the limitation of batteries in toy design. Our versatile ODI technology can be used across any category to create innovative products with endless expansion opportunities. Wearables, movables, magical environments—you name it! The applications for our one-of-a-kind omni-directional induction technology are endless.

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